Ethnobotanical Database of Bangladesh (EDB) 3.1
Plants of Bangladesh

About EDB


The Ethnobotanical Database of Bangladesh (EDB) provides access to information on plant species that occur in Bangladesh. EDB includes plants profile, ethnobotanical dictionary, indigenous knowledge, indigenous communities of Bangladesh and ethnobotanical uses of plants. Plants profile consists of authoritative taxonomic information, phyto-chemical constituents, and traditional uses of plants of tribal communities in Bangladesh.
EDB has created by Md. Salah Uddin. He is organising and administering this database. The EDB administrator is responsible for the quality and integrity of the database information. In addition to the database, web master has created the EDB web solution for easy to search, entry and manipulation of plants data. EDB web solution was created using MySQL database and PHP language on multiple platforms and updated regularly. Information is easily entered, copied, and manipulated using standard Operating System (OS) commands and menus. The EDB administrator has evaluated and reviewed the ethnobotanical information to ensure data quality prior to incorporation into the EDB.
Currently this online EDB database can be accessed on multiple platforms. It also plans to update and refine this database periodically.
Ethnobotanical Database of Bangladesh is the first online plant database in Bangladesh. This database and related literature is compiled by Md. Salah Uddin. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License





  Bangladesh has tremendous wealth of plant diversity. About five thousands of angiospermic species have been estimated to found in Bangladesh. Many of them considered as medicinal plants. But unfortunately, there is a lack of systematic efforts to explore and exploit this valuable potential except some sporadic attempts by a few institutions. All the information about Bangladeshi plants is found scattered in different books and journals. This database attempted to compile all the scattered data of Bangladeshi plants published in different publications in home and abroad. This database aims to create opportunities for researcher and students from different disciplines such as Botany, Ethnobotany, Medical Anthropology, Forestry, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacognosy, others related to natural science.and different herbal medicine industries to easily access, retrieve data and as a suitable tool for identification of plants.